CNC Milling China. With our CNC machining centers, we provide precision CNC machining of numerous materials, including stainless steel machining and aluminum machining. We specialize in precision milling and turning.

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CNC Milling China

What is CNC milling?

Using a variety of cutting tools remove redundant parts from the material. CNC milling fixes blocks or workpieces on a machine or clamps them in a vise during cutting. Our CNC milling machine can rotate drill or cutting tool at high speed.

CNC milling begins with a model created in computer aided design (CAD) software. The computer model is converted to CNC program, and then the command is converted to the designated CNC machine tool. After the digital work is completed, the operator can perform CNC milling and/or turning operations with the least input.

When CNC milling, the automatic milling cutter can operate many times along 4 or 5 axes to cut parts according to programming size. The workpiece rotates at varying speeds because the tool can be milled according to precise specifications.

CNC Prototyping Services

CNC Milling China

If you need parts with unique or complex shapes, you can always rely on XINGDA CNC to customize CNC milling to meet your exact specifications. We can customize our CNC milling service according to your unique manufacturing process, including three-axis and five-axis milling.

What materials can be used in CNC milling?

As all CNC machine tools, CNC milling can process almost any kind of material. Aluminum, brass, steel, copper and titanium can be used. Similarly, foam, glass fiber, plastic and wood can be machined by CNC.

Materials that can be used in conjunction with CNC milling processes include:
Metals and alloys: steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, brass, etc.
Plastics: polypropylene, polycarbonate, PTFE, nylon, etc.

CNC Machining Service

Surface finishes for CNC machined parts

We can also handle surface finishing and many secondary operations for you. Anodising, Hard Anodizing, High quality UV-proof Hard Anodizing, Chemical Plating, Deburring, Electroplating, Glass Bead Blasting, Hardening, Laser Engraving, Sand Blasting, Spraying, Polishing, Powder coating, Welding, Sub-assembly and custom packaging.

CNC Surface Finishes

Cut on Your Custom CNC Machining Costs

Please send us your part drawings or samples with your detailed requirements to us by email. Then we will arrange quotation for you within 24 hours. Drawing format can be 2D or 3D like JPG, PDF, DWG, DXF, STP.

Please tell us about your project including material, color, quantity, and surface finishing. Include as much information as you can so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

If you have multiple parts, you can also upload a bill of materials or documents listing the part details.

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