CNC Service China. CNC Machining is one of the most basic and cost-effective manufacturing methods for making custom precision metal and plastic components.

By using precision machining, it doesn’t need to make the mold, all you need to do is to have the engineer or designer to make the drawing, then to fabricate the part on CNC machines, or to find an experienced CNC machining company to do the job for you.

XINGDA CNC focus on your prototype project, custom equipment components, or low volume production.

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CNC Machining Service China

CNC Prototype Machining China

We provide CNC machining and turning of rapid prototype parts and low to mid volume CNC rapid production parts. we use advanced equipment to offer you a variety of CNC machining services including milling, turning.

CNC Prototype China

CNC Machining Service

CNC machining is capable of producing precise and complex shapes – something that cannot be achieved by other machining processes such as manual machining. The process itself is more precise and is also capable of exact repeatability, delivering the same product with the same specifications time and time again.

CNC Milling Service 

Provide CNC milling services from small to large parts with exacting tolerances and dimensions.



CNC Turning Service

Offer CNC turning parts with very tight tolerances and diameters from 1mm to 300mm.

Rapid CNC Prototyping

CNC Service China

CNC Prototyping is a fast, accurate, robust and cost effective part fabrication method that helps you check your ideas before mass production. Whether you need a single lathe part or 100 parts.

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