What’s Rapid Prototyping or Rapid Manufacturing?

CNC Prototyping Services

Rapid Prototyping, also called rapid manufacturing, is to quick make one or several samples to test a new product in appearance or function before taking it to production.

Aluminum drone parts CNC prototype

Usually, it happens in 3-5 days or 1-2 weeks depend on quantity and process. For a function prototype, the prototype will allow you to test assembly and structure details etc functions while ensure it has been designed appropriately for manufacturing.

As an appearance prototype, the prototype will intuitively show the actual surface looks like color, roughness, texturing etc key surface finishing factors. Rapid Prototyping includes a group of rapid manufacturing technologies, the main processes are 3D Printing, CNC Machining, Vacuum Casting, Sheet Metal.

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Advantages Of Rapid Prototyping – Prototyping Services China

There are many advantages of making a prototype, here just list some ways:

  • Show your clients and investors a physical model of your product
  • Illustrate the appearance, dimensions and features of your product
  • Test the market with your product before production
  • Save time and money by identifying and reducing design flaws
  • Improve and streamline the production process
  • Create multiple versions with different colors, surface textures and finishing processes

CNC Prototyping Services

Prototyping Services China: CNC prototyping is to use cnc machining to make rapid prototypes.

These prototypes are usually metal machining parts, and the quantity ranges from one to a dozen pieces.

CNC Prototyping China

CNC Prototyping China

Even though 3D printing has replaced most of the plastic prototypes, cnc machining is still the most mainstream and most reliable way of manufacturing metal prototypes. This is due to the relative backwardness of SLM technology: SLM cannot be comparable to CNC prototyping in terms of quality or cost.

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